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When people talk about Italy, they often mention Rome and Milan. But Naples is an understated beauty that is more than the birthplace of pizza. The stunning Amalfi Coast, the spectacular churches, the colorful markets that offer anything and everything, an enriching history and the lip-smacking food are all reasons why your next trip should be to Naples. To explore the city to the fullest, take the Naples Walking Tour, which will include all the major attractions there, along with fun facts about the city's history from experienced tour guides.

Let's take a look at what all is included in the Naples Walking Tour.

Why Take A Naples Walking Tour?

Naples Walking Tour
  • Get closer to the city: Walking tours are a great way to learn everything about a city from the locals, their daily life and the culture. Naples is a culturally rich city with some of the nicest people.
  • Explore at your own pace: Naples Walking Tour takes you through some of the most famous attractions in the city, giving you the liberty to explore the city at your own pace. 
  • Learn about Naples from guides: Experienced tour guides and audio guides in different languages will explain the history of Naples and tell you some never-heard-before trivia about the city.
  • Cover top attractions in one day: Most of the must-visit places in Naples are close to each other. With a walking tour, you can cover all the places in a day and make the most of your visit to the city.
  • Take a break and enjoy the food: Naples is known for its food. Walking Tours gives you breaks every now and then to give visitors the freedom to enjoy the city's food before resuming the guide again.

Your Naples Walking Tour Tickets Explained

Naples Walking Tour - Downtown with Entrance at the Veiled Christ

Guided Walking Tour Tickets

Duration: 2-6 hours

  • Get an expert guide on your Naples walking tour, who will enlighten you about Naples as as a city and its aspect
  • The walking tour also includes visits to popular public squares like San Domenico Maggiore, Piazza St. Gaetano, Piazza del Gesù, and other important landmarks that are stunning examples of old Italian architecture and history. 
  • The tour usually comes in two languages - English and Italian.

Recommended Tours

Walking Tour of Rione Sanità and Fontanelle Cemetery

Historic Walking Tour of the Decumani of Naples

Best of Naples: Walk Downtown with Entrance at the Veiled Christ

Why Book Naples Walking Tour Online?

  • Booking: You can explore different options online and choose what works for you best.
  • Convenience: Advance booking gives you the freedom to plan your itinerary better and explore all attractions in the city.
  • Discounts: You can also make the most of the best discounts online. Students, senior citizens and families can get tickets for a better price.
  • Easy Cancellation: If you wish to cancel your tickets, you can get a full refund after canceling.

Plan Your Visit For Naples Walking Tour

Landmarks Covered
Best Time For Walking Tour
Visitor's Tips
Naples Walking Tour - Timing

The timing for each walking tour would vary. Check your tickets to get the exact time of Naples walking tour

Naples Walking Tour - Location

The location for each Naples walking tour would vary according to the ticket you choose. Check your tickets to know the exact place from where your Naples walking tour starts.

Naples Walking Tour - Landmarks Covered

Some of the most popualr landmarks that would be covered on your Naples walking tour

  • Piazza del Gesù,
  • San Domenico Maggiore square
  • Chapel San Severo
  • Statue Cristo Velato
  • Decumanus
  • Rione Sanità
  • Borgo dei Vergini
  • Palazzo Sanfelice
  • Palazzo Dello Spagnuolo
  • Porta San Gennaro.

However, The landmarks covered in your Naples walking tour would depend on the type of ticket you are choosing

Naples Walking Tour - Best Time For Walking Tour
  • The best time for Naples Walking Tours is in the early morning or early evening hours. The weather is pleasant, and there are fewer crowds during this time.
  • Plan your visit to Naples between March and April. The weather is the best during these months.
  • The off-season is between November to March. Avoid planning a trip between July and August, as the city is bustling with tourists.
  • Book your walking tour tickets in advance, especially during the high season in Naples. You might not get entrance to some of the landmarks.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for walking tours. You will have to walk a little bit. Apparel made with cotton and a light jacket in the evening is recommended.
  • The Best of Naples tour can also start from 3:30 PM in the afternoon on some days. Check the timings for all tours before you go.
  • Wear appropriate clothes when your walking tour includes a visit to churches. Shoulders and knees must be covered for both men and women.
  • Explore local restaurants to have the best food Naples has to offer. You will find many restaurants with authentic Italian cuisine on your walking tour.

Frequently Asked Questions on Naples Walking Tour

Q. From where can I book a Naples walking tour tickets?

A. To save time and money, book your tickets online. You can explore different walking tour options and plan your itinerary well in advance. See the different options and purchase your ticket here.

Q. Which Naples walking tour ticket should I buy?

A. If you want to see all important landmarks in one day, the Best of Naples Walking Tour is recommended for you. The Historical Walking Tour of Decumani of Naples is recommended if you want to explore Neapolitan lifestyle and culture. The Walking Tour of Rione Sanità and Fontanelle Cemetery offers an offbeat experience of Naples.

Q. What is included in my Naples Walking Tour tickets?

A. Naples Walking Tour tickets include an experienced tour guide in both English and Italian, entry to the Cristo Velato, a visit to some of Naples's famous churches and cathedrals, and various landmarks in the city.

Q. Can I book a Naples Walking tour online?

A. Yes, you can book a Naples Walking Tour online and explore the different options available. Click here to know more.

Q. How long does a Naples Walking tour take?

A. All of the walking tours can be completed in 2-3 hours.

Q. Will there be a guide for the Naples Walking Tour?

A. Yes, your Naples Walking Tour tickets include an experienced tour guide who will give you information about the city's history and culture. The tour guides speak both English and Italian.

Q. Is it easy to walk around Naples?

A. Naples is one of those cities that is best explored on foot. If you have about 3 hours in your hand, book a walking tour and see Naples at your own pace.

Q. What are the things covered in the Naples Walking Tour?

A. Naples Walking Tour covers important landmarks in the city like Piazza del Gesù, San Domenico Maggiore square, the Chapel San Severo, the statue Cristo Velato, the God of Nile river statue, Piazza St. Gaetano, San Lorenzo, the cathedral of Saint Gennaro, San Paolo Maggiore, Lower Decumanus, Via Tribunali, Upper Decumanus, Rione Sanità, Borgo dei Vergini, Palazzo Sanfelice, Palazzo Dello Spagnuolo and Porta San Gennaro.