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Venture out on a day trip from Naples to explore ancient ruins, infamous volcanoes and beautiful coastal scenery. There’s a lot to uncover around the city, and we bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on national parks, observatories and colorful streets basking in the glow of the Italian sunset. 

Ready to jazz up your Naples getaway? Say goodbye to the hassle of planning and hello to our epic day trips! We've handpicked the cream of the crop, guaranteeing you a taste of Italy's finest without the stress of figuring things out on your own. With guides, a wide array of tours and irresistible budget-friendly options, we’ve got you covered. Dive in, pick your favorite, and get packing.

Best day trip destinations from Naples

Day trip destinations from Naples map

Day trips from Naples - An overview

Things to do
25 km
Explore the Pompeii archaeological site, the Pompeii Forum, the gladiator arena, the temple of Apollo and The House of the Faun.
56 km
Savor coastal cuisine featuring grilled octopus and seafood pasta, visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, and unwind on the beaches.
47 km
See the Valley of Mills explore the fourteenth-century monastery of San Francesco, soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Piazza Tasso, and indulge in authentic Italian cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and zesty lemon-infused dishes.
61 km
Visit the Emerald Grotto, drive along the beautiful coast of Amalfi and take in views of the sea, check out the striking St. Andrew's Cathedral, and indulge in a handmade ice-cream.
55 km
Take in views of Ravello’s cliffside gardens and villas, stroll through the streets and admire the vibrant ceramics, and see Ravello's Duomo, dedicated to San Pantaleone.
Mount Vesuvius
23 km
Hike up to the very top of Vesuvius, see the Bay of Naples glowing from sunset hues, climb through the Vesuvius National Park with a volcanological guide, and make a trip to the Vesuvian Observatory.

More day trip options from Naples



Royal city | Palatial grandeur | Gardens
40 km away

  • Tour the Royal Palace of Caserta.
  • Wander through the expansive palace gardens.
  • Visit the English Garden within the palace grounds.


Ancient ruins | Greek temples | Historical site
100 km away

  • Visit the ancient Greek temples.
  • Explore the Paestum Archaeological Museum.
  • Walk around the ancient city ruins.


Island | Beautiful landscapes | Luxury destination
40 km away (by ferry)

  • Take a boat tour of the Blue Grotto.
  • Ride the chairlift to Monte Solaro.
  • Visit the Gardens of Augustus.


Island | Picturesque village | Tranquil retreat
30 km away (by ferry)

  • Explore the colorful Marina Corricella.
  • Visit the Terra Murata historic center.
  • Relax on the island’s beaches.


Coastal city | Historic sites | Vibrant atmosphere
55 km away

  • Visit the Salerno Cathedral.
  • Stroll along the Lungomare Trieste promenade.
  • Explore the Minerva's Garden.



Ancient city | Historical landmarks | Cultural heritage
60 km away

  • See the Arch of Trajan.
  • Visit the Church of Santa Sofia.
  • Explore the Roman Theatre.


Island | Thermal spas | Lush landscapes
30 km away (by ferry)

  • Relax at the thermal baths of Poseidon Gardens.
  • Explore Aragonese Castle.
  • Wander through La Mortella Gardens.


Seaside town | Beaches | Historical sites
95 km away

  • Visit the Montagna Spaccata.
  • Relax on Serapo Beach.
  • Explore the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity.


Monastery | Historical significance | Scenic views
130 km away

  • Tour the Montecassino Abbey.
  • Visit the Polish Cemetery.
  • Learn about the Battle of Montecassino at the museum.



Ancient city | Volcanic activity | Archaeological site
15 km away

  • Explore the Flavian Amphitheater.
  • Visit the Solfatara volcanic crater.
  • See the Temple of Serapis.

Frequently asked questions about day trips from Naples

What type of day trips are available from Naples?

Full day trips are available from Naples, with multiple stops, an expert guide, and comfortable round-trip transfers. 

How do I choose the right day trip for me?

Check the destinations offered in a day trip ticket and see if they match your interests. Next up, have a look at how long it'll take and how much it costs to make sure it suits your budget and schedule. Lastly, see what facilities are included to find your ideal trip from Naples!

Are day trips accessible for travelers with disabilities?

Yes, of course! Day trip service providers strive to ensure their excursions are accessible to all passengers, with most tour tickets offering facilities to enhance the journey for individuals with disabilities. Any service limitations will be clearly outlined in the ticket details for transparency.

Is transportation to and from the starting point provided?

Yes, if you opt for a guided tour from where you’re starting your journey, you will be able to access transportation to and from the point of departure.

Are there any age restrictions for day trips?

Some day trips departing from Naples may have age restrictions due to safety considerations. Whether restrictions apply or not depends on the specific ticket. You can always refer to your ticket for further details!

What should I bring on a day trip?

Make sure to bring your ID and a valid ticket when you hop on the bus. It would also be helpful to check the weather forecast for your destinations ahead of time and pack accordingly. Keep yourself hydrated, and don't forget to bring some cash for meals, souvenirs, and entry tickets if needed.

Are meals included in the day trip, or should I bring my own food?

If meals are part of the Naples day trip package, it'll be noted on your ticket. You're welcome to bring along a packed lunch or snacks if you prefer. Keep in mind, though, the fantastic cuisine at these destinations, particularly the coastal ones, so you might want to indulge in local delights instead of packing.

Where do the day trips start, and where will it end?

Day trips will start in Naples, with the precise meeting spot detailed on your ticket. Typically, the trips will conclude at the same Naples location where you boarded.

Is there any free time allocated for exploration or relaxation?

Absolutely! Once you arrive at a destination, you'll have plenty of time to explore at your own pace, enjoy meals, and capture memorable photos. Plus, there are refreshing breaks during the journey to stretch your legs and take restroom breaks.

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of during the trip?

Just a heads-up: day trip tickets might cover attraction entry tickets and meals, but it varies. Be sure to check your ticket details for what's included. Sometimes, you'll have the choice to add attraction tickets. If not, you can probably buy them at the venue. Don't forget to bring some cash for these and for meals, just in case they're not part of the deal.