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Pompeii Tickets & Tours

Explore the ruin's of Pompeii, a once thriving city and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose remains have been perfectly preserved under thick volcanic ash for millennia. With Pompeii tickets, enjoy skip-the-line entry, guided tours, and return transfers from Rome and Naples.

Naples National Archaeological Museum

Visit Naples National Archeological Museum. Explore Greco-Roman antiquities from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Enhance your visit with guided tours.

Città della Scienza

Experience Città della Scienza in Naples. Engage with hands-on exhibits and explore cutting-edge technology. Dive into the marvels of science and innovation.

Naples Underground

Get immersed in the Neapolitan city where every step you take is an encounter with knowledge, revealing a multicultural city. Be enchanting with its charming squares, votive spires, churches, several artisan workshops, and also the famous S. Gregorio Armeno with its nativity scenes. Grab this opportunity to dig deep into the history of Naples as you tour Naples's Underground.

Campi Flegrei

Explore the captivating volcanic wonders of Campi Flegrei near Naples, Italy, with its geothermal activity and rich history. Don't miss this unique adventure visiting this ethreal site

Ipogeo dei Cristallini

Get ready to discover secrets beneath the surface of Naples. A must for history buffs and curious minds, visiting the Ipogeo dei Cristallini unveils ancient mysteries set amidst an archeological site right out of Indiana Jones! Find tickets that suit your preferences.

Oplontis Tickets

Get a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of bygone eras as you admire the colorful frescoes, extravagant Trompe-l’oeil paintings, colonnaded courtyards, and gardens of the Roman Villa of Oplontis. Book tickets that suit your plans to witness details of frescoes lost elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 3 museums in Naples?
Which is the most-visited museum in Naples?

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is the most visited museum in Naples, Italy. About 500,000 tourists visit this museum every year.

Are there any art museums in Naples?
What are some must-see artifacts or exhibits in the museums of Naples?
  1. Pompeii and Herculaneum | National Archaeological Museum
  2. The Veiled Christ | Cappella Sansevero
  3. Caravaggio's The Seven Works of Mercy | Pio Monte della Misericordia
Are there any science museums in Naples?
  1. Città della Scienza
  2. Museo Archeologico Virtuale
  3. Museo di Mineralogia
Are there any entertainment museums in Naples?
  1. Museo del Sottosuolo
  2. Museo del Giocattolo e del Bambino
  3. Museo Nazionale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa
What are the top museums in Naples for kids?
  1. Museo del Mare
  2. Città della Scienza
  3. Museo del Giocattolo e del Bambino
How much do museum tickets usually cost in Naples?

The typical cost of museum tickets in Naples is about €15 for adults and €2 for EU citizens aged 18-25. Some museums have free entry for children under 18 and EU citizens over 65.

Are there any discounts on Naples museum tickets for kids?

Yes, most museums in Naples offer discounts on tickets for children. Children under a certain age (usually under 6 or 18 years old) can often enter for free, while older children and teenagers can often purchase discounted tickets.

Are there any free museums in Naples?
  1. Museo del Corallo Ascione
  2. Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri
  3. Museo del Sottosuolo di Napoli
Are there any hidden gems or lesser-known museums in Naples?
  1. Museo delle Arti Sanitarie
  2. Museo Civico di Castel Nuovo
  3. Museo Diocesano di Napoli
  4. Museo del Mare di Napoli
  5. Museo della Carta e della Filigrana
Is there an age limit for entering museums in Naples?

No, there is usually no age limit for entering museums in Naples.

Are museums in Naples accessible to all?

Many museums in Naples are accessible to visitors with disabilities, but the level of accessibility can vary from museum to museum.

What are the accessibility features available at the museums in Naples?
  1. Wheelchair accessibility
  2. Accessible parking and restrooms
  3. Sensory-friendly programs
Is there a dress code for museums in Naples? While there is no specific dress code for museums in Naples, it's generally recommended to dress comfortably, appropriately, and respectfully for the occasion.

While there is no specific dress code for museums in Naples, it's generally recommended to dress comfortably, appropriately, and respectfully for the occasion.

Do museums in Naples involve a lot of walking?

The amount of walking required in museums in Naples can vary depending on the museum and the exhibits you choose to see. Some museums have extensive collections that may require a lot of walking, while others may be smaller and more easily navigable. Vienna's museums typically take two to three hours to thoroughly explore.

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