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Directions to the Naples National Archeological Museum

Where is the National Archaeological Museum of Naples located?

Address: Piazza Museo, 19, 80135 Napoli NA, Italy
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The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is located in the heart of Naples, Italy and is easily accessibly by public transport.

Closest landmarks: Castel Sant'Elmo (4.4 km away), Capodimonte Museum (3.1 km away).

Getting to National Archaeological Museum of Naples by public transportation

By metro

Best for: Convenience
Nearest Stop: Piazza Museo
Travel Time: 15 minutes (From Napoli Centrale)

  • You can hop on Metro Line 1 which will lead you to Piazza Museo, the closest station to the museum which is a minute-long walk away.
  • Alternatively, you may hop on Metro Line 2 and disembark at Cavour Station. From here, the museum is an 8-minute stroll away.

Getting to the Naples National Archaeological Museum by car

Driving route

Best For: Time Saving
Travel Time: 15 minutes (from Napoli Centrale)
Distance: Approximately 3 Kilometers away.
Start at Napoli Centrale:

  • Drive southwest on Corso Garibaldi from Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi.
  • Turn right onto Via Benedetto Croce.
  • Continue on Via Benedetto Croce until you reach Piazza Museo, 19, your destination.

Car parking at National Archaeological Museum in Naples

1. The National Archaeological Museum of Naples only offers parking to people with disabilities.

2. Due to the presence of Limited Traffic Zones (Zona a Traffico Limitato or ZTL), parking is not very prevalent in Naples. It is better to use public transport or even walk as Naples is easily navigable.

However, if you must drive, here are some paid parking options to explore:

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Frequently asked questions about Naples National Archaeological Museum directions

How close is the Naples National Archaeological Musuem to transport hubs?

The museum is centrally located, so it lies in close proximity to numerous bus and train stations. Traveling to the museum via metro is most convenient and the nearest stop is Piazza Museo, which is just a minute away.

What are the different ways to reach the Naples National Archaeological Museum?

To reach National Archaeological Museum in Naples, you can either drive or use the metro, although using the metro is strongly recommended. Take the Line 1 metro from Napoli Centrale and get off at Piazza Museo, which is the closest stop to the museum.

I'm renting a car to get around Naples. What should I keep in mind about parking in Naples?

Parking is only reserved for those with disabilities at the Naples National Archaeological Museum. If you are driving within Naples, know that there are several Limited Traffic Zones within the city, which restrict the movement of private vehicles for environmental reasons. If you must drive, seek out paid parking lots like Parcheggio Brin or Parking Plebiscito to park your car safely. The best option, however, is to use public transport like metros and buses, or even walk.

I'm a local. Can I cycle to the Naples National Archaeological Museum?

While you can cycle to the museum, note that there are no docking stations within the museum to leave your bike. You can park in public spaces at your own risk. It is better to walk to the museum or take the metro.

Can I take a taxi to the museum?

While taxi stands are easily found in Naples and you can get a ride easily, it's best to negotiate the price beforehand as taxi drivers are infamous for charging tourists exorbitantly. If going by taxi is most convenient for you, try to see if your hotel can arrange one for you during the time of your stay (although this can work out to be quite expensive). Public transport (buses and metros) are the cheapest and most efficient transport option in Naples.

How do I fit in some sightseeing on my way to the museum?

The best way to squeeze in some sightseeing while getting to the museum is by walking to it. You can take in the bustling streets and watch life lived by the locals unfold before you as you stroll to the museums. Depending on the route you take, you may pass the Capodimonte Museum, Castel Sant'Elmo and other popular Naples landmarks.